Continental Shelf Programme

Delineation workflow

The One Stop Data Shop is designed to assist states in managing the large amounts of geoscientific data that may be required for the preparation of a submission to the CLCS. It also functions to streamline the process of requesting data from external data holders. The Continental Shelf Programme works in collaboration with many of the large research institutions that have in the past collected geoscientific data around the globe. These include NGDC, IRFEMER, BGR, JAMSTEC, NIWA, IPGS, BSH, WHOI, JODC, ODP, the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Geoscience Australia, and the UK National Oceanography Centre. The Continental Shelf Programme actively encourages organizations and individual researchers to deposit relevant data with the One Stop Data Shop.

Previously collected geoscientific data may exist in a number of forms – eg. analogue or digital and may be stored on paper, film or in a variety of electronic formats. Data may have been collected in different ways or subjected to different levels of processing. The Continental Shelf Programme endeavors to document all data and convert it into a format that is useful for the states. Staff will also work with the states to determine what data standards and quality assurance are required for a submission.

Data are a valuable resource for states and the organization of datasets into a manageable system can have long term benefits for states in terms of education, sustainable development and commercial activities.

The One Stop Data Shop provides computing hardware and software (eg database with backup and secure storage, GIS and article 76 software) and operational/technical support. Clients are invited to the One Stop Data Shop in Arendal Norway to utilize the available tools in the preparation of their submission.