Continental Shelf Programme


Updated Extended Continental Shelf Areas
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The Continental Shelf Programme has developed a One Stop Data Shop (OSDS) for use by coastal states preparing a submission delineating the outer limits of their continental shelf.

The OSDS consists of a global geospatial and metadata inventory of marine geophysical and geological data including:
  • Global marine multibeam and singlebeam bathymetry
  • Global marine digital and analogue mutlichannel and single channel seismic profiles (reflection and refraction)
  • Borehole locations
  • Marine sediment samples
  • Marine petrological samples
In addition to providing users with a single web-based portal that allows for the analysis of public marine geoscientific data available in a specific area of interest, agreements with participating institutions allow for distribution of data to eligible states on a request basis. The OSDS collects inventories of digital and analogue marine data including:
  • Multibeam bathymetry
  • Singlebeam bathymetry
  • Marine magnetics
  • Marine gravity
  • Marine navigation information (e.g. MGD77 data)
  • Analogue seismic imagery (reflection and refraction
  • Marine petrological samples
  • Marine sediment samples
  • Ocean drilling samples and sediment cores
The OSDS also provides eligible states with support for:           
  • Data handling and processing
  • Data formatting
  • Georefencing (e.g. for analogue seismic profiles)
  • Technical training
  • Secure data storage and data backup           
OSDS is generally free of cost for eligible states although more advance and labour intensive work may require some additional funding.