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The data required for delineating the outer limits of the continental shelf can be extremly expensive to collect. Developing states and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) have limited resources with respect to the aquisition of new data required to complete a submission. The Continental Shelf Programme has therefore developed the One-Stop Data Shop (OSDS) to provide states preparing a submission with easy access to existing marine geo-scientific research data.

Agreements with participating institutions allow for distribution of data to states on a request basis. The OSDS collects digital data (eg. multi-beam bathymetry and seismic data) and provides a service for the handling of analouge data, including seismic reflection and refraction datasets. Metadata and navigational tracklines from international marine surveys are freely available for intrepretation and project planning. The OSDS has enabled the uNEP Shelf Programme to complete a first pass scanning study of all relevant costal states to determine which states are likely to be most interested in pursuing the submission process.

At the request of a client state, the Continental Shelf Programme provides information and advice on:

  • all aspects of marine geophysical data;
  • the associated tendering process to secure the gathering of data necessary to complete the submission;
  • identifying funding opportunities